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Summer Sunflowers & Soccer | Lewisburg, TN Senior Pictures

Sunshine & Sunflowers can only mean one thing–SUMMER! Abbey, a Marshall County High School Class of 2016 Senior, was the lucky winner of having her senior pictures shot in a sunflower field in Lewisburg, TN, last summer. Abbey is also one of my favorite examples of why a wardrobe styling consultation is so helpful.  At […]

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Mark Redferrin - Heather Beck, you are amazing! I was a little more than skeptical about hiring a professional photographer, but you definitely changed my perspective. My daughter, wife and I could not be happier with the work you did for us last year! If you are Class of ’17, call Beck Impressions! Great photos, great service, great options, and great prices!

Heather Beck - Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m thrilled that you were pleased with everything, and thank you for recommending Beck Impressions!

Christian Golczynski Then & Now: Senior Pictures Remembering & Honoring US Marine Ssgt Marc Golczynski

An Iconic Photo Goes Viral If you’ve been on social media within the past nine years, you’ve likely seen this iconic photo.  A heartbreaking image of an 8-year-old boy trying to hold back tears as he is presented with the American flag that laid upon the casket at his father’s funeral.  The viral photo, taken […]

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Angela Taylor Hargrove - This is so very touching then and now. He’s grown into a handsome young man and may God bless him in all he does, also his mom and all that love him. Thanks to All the fallen soldiers and their families. No other sacrifice is greater!

Kari Misiak Degrandpre - Great write up Heather! i am unable to see the heart photo at the memorial, looks like another senior pic is in that spot

Stephanie Lax - Thanks for sharing this. Roll Tide to Christian. I’m a Bama graduate and live in Northern Virginia not too far from him

Donna Balinger - Very handsome young man Christian has become! His dad would be so proud. I didn’t know them but I think about them often and visit his grave when I am there visiting my loved ones and my soldier, a Vietnam veteran. Thank you for your service, Marc Golczynski.

Rosemary Faulk - Thank you for sharing this touching story, I instantly remembered the original picture and how it broke my heart, my son also served in Iraq. I am so glad to see you and Christian are doing well, he is such a nice looking young man and I know you are so proud of him. God bless each of you.

Patty Burgi - Thank you so much for sharing! I have always wondered about this brave young man and his
mother and I know many others have as well!

Ashley Guthrie - Very touching! May God bless our troops and their families! A special thank you to all those who have served and are currently serving, America!- Proud Navy BRAT

Claire Taliaferro - Thank you for writing this story with an update on this young man and his mom. I have seen this photo over the years and it touches my heart each and every time as the mom of a veteran myself. It is so wonderful to read of the amazing things this family has been involved with and inspire others to remember our veterans. May God bless this family, our veterans and the families of our fallen heros.

Elaine Huffines - Thanks so much, Heather! You and Heather G. Should collaborate on a book with both of your amazing writing skills! Love you and John for being such great friends of my family over the years!,

Gail Smith Ingrum - Wonderful photos and stories! I keep up with Christian and Heather through my dear friend Elaine, Marc’s mother. I know she will look forward to some visits while he is at Bama. Good luck to Christian and Roll Tide! Heather has done an amazing job with her efforts to help others and spread the word about ways to participate.

Craig Apel - Thank you to the Golczynski family and all the other great American families whose loved ones paid the ultimate price of freedom for us all. We are forever in your debt.

Cookie Cox Rawson - Beautiful tribute..Sounds like a great young man…Mom has raised him right. Congratulations on your graduation. Sure look like your Dad

Jolene Smith - Beautiful, touching, heart wrenching, emotional, and compassion for Marc’s loved ones! Heather and Christopher are true blessings, I never knew the story, it was so beautiful in so many different ways. From smiles to tears, Heather, Christopher and Beck Impressions Photography, thank you for sharing this story and the love is real! God Bless you, Congratulations for graduating Christopher, to you and your mom for your courage and many blessings to the organizations and be so kind to help and think of so many!

Alysia Keimig Salter - Wow. Absolutely beautiful. Made me cry. This is a very touching story and I hope it goes on for many years and is taught what our Memorial Day is all about. We will never forget all our Military 2 and 4 legged KIA through out the year’s. God Bless you All.

Karen Justine Bell - What a nice group of posts, nothing negative or innappropriate.Very touching.

Happy Mother’s Day to Senior Moms!

I love my seniors, but today is Mother’s Day, and this post is dedicated to their moms.  They are the real rock stars behind these teens. I see it every year.  Mom books her senior’s photo shoot, she coordinates all the session details, she shops for the outfits.  At the session, Mom carries her senior’s […]

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Joyce Wittman - Love that you contacted Sean Michael!!! Chase cannot wait to get his pictures done with you!!

Madison Newberry - Heather, you never cease to amaze me ! You have made this year Extrodinary…words can not express how special you are to us❣ We love you to pieces ☀️ Thank you for the extra mile you go for each and every Senior. It takes a very special person, not just a great photographer to make these teenagers feel confident and good about themselves …I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know you Thanks for making Madison’s Senior year so special ❣
Sandra Newberry